Autonomy and precision for a world in motion.


We deliver autonomy, faster.

We partner with manufacturers to deliver autonomous vehicles to market faster.

With our autonomy navigation platform of software modules and precision sensors, we provide reliable guidance solutions for your most demanding environments.

We’ve perfected precision sensors.

Mini and mighty, our sensor components deliver the reliability and geospatial accuracy you need.

  • Precise and versatile localization
  • Thoughtfully designed & calibrated sensors
  • Smallest & lightest solution on the market
  • Unparalleled support

With Inertial Sense, your devices will know where they are, where they are going, and how to get there. All while telling you how they are performing.

Sensor-Driven Solutions

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Aerial Surveying

Leverage our uINS with RTK to add accurate geospatial data to aerial imagery in situations such as crop analysis, mining site analysis, or disaster area surveying.

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Antenna Positioning

Accurately point and stabilize antennas, weapons, or cameras leveraging the smallest AHRS on the market.

Autonomous Robotic Navigation

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Robotic Groundskeeping

Partnering with top mower manufacturers to rapidly add autonomy that requires no guidewires and enables precise, intelligent, and energy-efficient path planning.


Commercial Agriculture

Deploy field service vehicles autonomously. Plan routes remotely. Track position and navigate to centimeter-level accuracy. Measure the efficiency of your operations.

Get help choosing the best sensor for your project.

From data type to rugged factor, this guide makes sensor selection simple and easy.

  • motocrane
  • yamaha
  • nasa
  • honda
  • slantrange
  • ceres

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Commercial agriculture, manufacturing, delivery, supply chain logistics, even healthcare – autonomy is hard. And that’s the challenge what we solve.