The IMX-5-DUAL leverages the IMX-5 unit with onboard Multi-Frequency GNSS all contained inside of an aluminum enclosure. The Tactical Grade RUG-3-IMX-5-DUAL  is our most powerful Inertial Navigation Solution yet.  

The IMX-5 delivers Tactical Grade Inertial performance powered by TWO of the most powerful GNSS receivers on the market.  Inside the aluminum enclosure, this sensor is prepared to take you through difficult terrain. The IMX-5 provides sensor fusion for roll, pitch, magnetic heading, velocity, RTK precision position and Dual GNSS Compass Heading.



10 DoF
Dual Onboard (L1/L2) RTK Compassing GNSS Receivers
1 KHz Output Rate
Interface USB, UARTx3, SPI USB, UART, SPI,
RS232, RS485, CAN
Power management
Housing (Protective) Aluminum (IP40)
On-Board Data Logger
On-Board Wi-Fi/Bluetooth