Sensors for a world in motion​

Measuring motion reliably, precisely, and in all dimensions.


Versatile Position

  • Embedded GNSS-RTK with multi-frequency support, Inertial, Mechanical Odometry
  • World’s smallest INS

High-Precision Calibrated Pose

  • World’s smallest AHRS
  • Direct IMU access
  • Embedded Dual Compassing


The Inertial Sense µIMU is a miniature, calibrated sensor module consisting of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), magnetometer, barometer, and onboard L1 GPS (GNSS) receiver.  

Comprehensive sensor calibration for bias, scale factor, and cross-axis alignment is standard on all units. 

Data out includes angular rate, linear acceleration, magnetic field, barometric altitude, and GPS time.

Product Facts
  • Full Temperature and Motion Calibration on all units
  • Reduces temperature induced Bias and issues with Cross Axis alignment
  • Our raw IMU data can be used to build your own sensor fusion application
  • Up to 1KHz output rate
  • UTC timing Sync in/out
µIMU Module

Rugged IMU

Gyro & Accelerometer (IMU) Barometer
GNSS receiver (Onboard L1 GPS) UTC Timing only
1KHz update rate
Protocols (TTL, Serial, USB, SPI) TTL, Serial, USB, SPI TTL, Serial, USB, Selectable: 485, 232, 422 TTL, Serial, USB, SPI 485, 232, 422
Power management
Housing (Protective)

Smallest and lightest inertial sensor on the the market.