IMU Sensors

The Inertial Sense µIMU is a miniature, calibrated sensor module consisting of an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), magnetometer, barometer, and onboard L1 GPS (GNSS) receiver.  

Comprehensive sensor calibration for bias, scale factor, and cross-axis alignment is standard on all units. 

Data out includes angular rate, linear acceleration, magnetic field, barometric altitude, and GPS time.

Full Temperature and Motion Calibration on all units
Reduces temperature induced Bias and issues with Cross Axis alignment
Our raw IMU data can be used to build your own sensor fusion application
Up to 1KHz output rate
UTC timing Sync in/out

Gyro & Accelerometer (IMU) Barometer
GNSS receiver (Onboard L1 GPS) UTC Timing only
1KHz update rate
Protocols (TTL, Serial, USB, SPI) TTL, Serial, USB, SPI TTL, Serial, USB, Selectable: 485, 232, 422
Power management
Housing (Protective) Aluminum

Sensors for a world in motion​

Measuring motion reliably, precisely, and in all dimensions.

Product Table

Versatile Position

  • Embedded GNSS-RTK with multi-frequency support, Inertial, Mechanical Odometry
  • World’s smallest INS

High-Precision Calibrated Pose

  • World’s smallest AHRS
  • Direct IMU access
  • Embedded Dual Compassing

Smallest and lightest inertial sensor on the the market.