Case Studies

Back to School: Inertial Sense Support for Academic Research Projects

Inertial Sense has deep roots in its university relationships. Our founder cut his teeth building a drone autopilot based on a research project at Brigham Young University’s MAGICC lab.

Why High-performance LiDAR Sensor Manufacturers Pair INS/GNSS for 3D Aerial Mapping

LiDAR sensor manufacturers, such as Livox, come to Inertial Sense, the premier provider of robust micro inertial navigation solutions, to integrate a GNSS-INS Sensor that provides…

Aerial imagery company saves money and time with INS/GNSS sensors

Aerial imagery camera manufacturer, Ceres, turns to Inertial Sense to get accurate data with inertial navigation system (µIMU, µAHRS, µINS, or dual GPS antenna µINS with RTK)…