Tactical Performance, Strategically Priced

You asked for tactical grade and we delivered.  Our entire line of inertial sensors and IMUS now have 4X – 6X improvement for In-Run Bias Stability, Drift, Heading, and Roll/Pitch Accuracy

Tactical IMU

1.5 °/hr
Gyro Bias In-Run Stability
0.16 °/√hr
Gyro Noise (ARW)
1 KHz
Data Rate
19 µg
Accel Bias In-Run Stability
0.02 m/s/√hr
Accel Noise (VRW)
0.8 g

Tactical INS

Dynamic Roll/Pitch
Dynamic Heading
Dual GNSS Heading

Detailed Performance Specifications

INS Dynamic Roll/Pitch (RMS) 0.04°
Static Roll/Pitch (RMS) 0.1°
INS Dynamic Heading** (RMS) 0.13°
Static Heading w/ Dual Compass* (RMS) 0.4°
Static Heading w/ Magnetometer (RMS) 2.0°
Position w/ RTK-GNSS (CEP) 3 cm

*1 m baseline distance between GNSS antennas. **Using external GNSS with motion.

Operating Range±4000 °/sec±16 g±2500 µT30–125 kPa
In-Run Bias Stability< 1.5 °/hr< 19 μg  
Random Walk0.16 °/√hr0.02 m/s/√hr  
Non-linearity0.02 % FSR0.02 % FSR  
Noise Density5mdps/√Hz60 μg/√Hz Pa/√Hz
Bias Error over -40C to 85C
0.3 °/s RMS3,7 mg RMS  
Max Output Rate1 KHz1 KHz100 Hz50 Hz
Bandwidth250 Hz218 Hz50 Hz5 Hz
Alignment Error0.03°0.03°0.05° 
Sampling Rate8 KHz4 KHz300 Hz200 Hz
Resolution*0.0076 °/sec*122 µg0.3 µT0.03 Pa
*1KHz resolution after oversampling
   (13 cm)
IMX-5 InterfaceUSB, UART x3, SPI
RUG-3 InterfaceUSB, UART x2, RS232, RS485, CAN, SPI
Max Baud Rate:
   UART, RS422, RS485
   10 Mbps
   3 Mbps
   500 Kbps
Strobe Inputs / Outputs4 / 1
Power Draw (w/o GPS ant.) Min Typ Max Units
IMU @ 1KHz 95 105 mW
AHRS,INS @ 250Hz 100 110 mW
Supply Voltage (Vcc) 3 3.3 3.6 V
I/O Pin MAX Voltage Range -0.5 3.6 V
Total Output Current, All Pins 120 mA
I/O Pin Input low-level 0.99 V
I/O Pin Input high-level 2.31 3.3 3.6 V
I/O Pin Output high-level 3.3 V
STROBE input frequency 1 KHz
Rising Slope of VIN** 2.4 V/ms
*The supply rising slope must be higher than minimum rating for proper function
  • GPS, GPS Raw, UTC Time
  • IMU (Gyro & Accelerometer)
  • Magnetometer & Barometer
  • Attitude (Quaternions, Euler, DCM)

Size 15.6 x 12.5 x 2.9 mm
Weight 0.8 grams

Configurations to accommodate any integration mode

Whether you need a single board for testing or thousands for high volume application, we’ve got you covered.

Evaluation Board

EVB for prototyping and testing with multiple inputs


Rugged module for testing and volume harsh environment applications

Sensor Module

PCB module for large volume deployments


Features IMX-5 IMX-5-RTK IMX-5-Dual
10 DoF
Tactical Grade IMU
Inertial Velocity & Position
RTK Centimeter-Level Positioning
Dual GNSS Heading
External Multi-Frequency Support (L1/L2)

User Manual & Documentation

Have more questions? Dig into the details with our up-to-date online user manual and full documentation.