Dual GNSS-INS Compassing Sensor

The Inertial Sense µINS-Dual is a miniature, GPS (GNSS) aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS-INS) module that includes all functionality of the µAHRS and provides orientation, velocity, and position.

Sensor data from MEMs gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, barometric pressure, and GPS/GNSS is fused to provide optimal estimation.

Excellent Static GPS/GNSS heading in environments that are difficult for magnetometer based sensing.

0.1° roll and pitch
0.3° GPS heading with 1 meter baseline
Up to 1,000Hz output rate
UTC timing
Onboard World Magnetic and Gravity Models
Strobe In/Out Data Sync (Camera Shutter Event)
Attitude (Quaternions, Euler, DCM)


Gyro & Accelerometer (INS) Barometer, Mag and dual GPS
Dual GNSS receiver (Onboard L1 GPS) RTK or GPS heading
1,000Hz update rate
Protocols (TTL, Serial, USB, SPI) TTL, Serial, USB, SPI TTL, Serial, USB, Selectable: 485, 232, 422 TTL, Serial, USB, SPI 485, 232, 422
Power management
Housing (Protective) Aluminum Plastic
On-Board Data Logger
On-Board Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Sensors for a world in motion​

Measuring motion reliably, precisely, and in all dimensions.

Product Table

Versatile Position

  • Embedded GNSS-RTK, Inertial, Mechanical Odometry, Visual SLAM fusion
  • World’s smallest INS

High-Precision Calibrated Pose

  • World’s smallest AHRS
  • Direct IMU access Embedded
  • Embedded Dual Compassing

Smallest and lightest inertial sensor on the the market.