Dual GNSS-INS Compassing Sensor

The Inertial Sense µINS-Dual is a miniature, GPS (GNSS) aided Inertial Navigation System (GPS-INS) module that includes all functionality of the µAHRS and provides orientation, velocity, and position.

Sensor data from MEMs gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, barometric pressure, and GPS/GNSS is fused to provide optimal estimation.

Excellent Static GPS/GNSS heading in environments that are difficult for magnetometer based sensing.

0.1° roll and pitch
0.3° GPS heading with 1 meter baseline
Up to 1,000Hz output rate
UTC timing
Onboard World Magnetic and Gravity Models
Strobe In/Out Data Sync (Camera Shutter Event)
Attitude (Quaternions, Euler, DCM)


Gyro & Accelerometer (INS) Barometer, Mag and dual GPS
Dual GNSS receiver (Onboard L1/L2 GPS) RTK or GPS heading
1,000Hz update rate
Protocols (TTL, Serial, USB, SPI) TTL, Serial, USB, SPI TTL, Serial, USB, Selectable: 485, 232, 422 TTL, Serial, USB, SPI 485, 232, 422
Power management
Housing (Protective) Aluminum Plastic
On-Board Data Logger
On-Board Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

Sensors for a world in motion​

Measuring motion reliably, precisely, and in all dimensions.

Product Table

Versatile Position

  • Embedded GNSS-RTK, Inertial, Mechanical Odometry, Visual SLAM fusion
  • World’s smallest INS

High-Precision Calibrated Pose

  • World’s smallest AHRS
  • Direct IMU access Embedded
  • Embedded Dual Compassing

Smallest and lightest inertial sensor on the the market.