What Is Aerial Surveying and How Our Drone Solutions Work

Our small, lightweight sensors provide the accuracy critical for aerial surveying solutions.  They are designed to perform in harsh environments providing both high-precision location and orientation information that can be combined with all types of visual, multispectral, and LiDAR imagery.


Location Accuracy You Need

Our uINS sensor can fuse standard GPS or GPS-RTK data to get up to 3 cm location accuracy.

Precision Camera Orientation Icon

Precision Camera Orientation

With 0.1 degree roll and pitch accuracy, you can properly ge0-spatially locate your image.

Smallest Sensor Icon

Smallest Sensor on the Market

Our sensor’s small size and weight make them ideal for drone and small aircraft solutions.

Multispectral imagery can be mapped using InertialSense sensors

LiDAR map image produced by Livox using InertialSense

“The Inertial Sense INS/GNSS solution provides fantastic performance in harsh environments at a much lower price than competitors; for us, it’s a no brainer.”

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“Thanks to the low-cost Inertial Sense INS, we were able to improve the performance of our Mid-40 LiDAR sensor to achieve high data point accuracy for UAV 3D mapping application.”