Autonomous Mobile Robotics – Indoor vs. Outdoor

Where do we sit as a company? Well physically, in Utah. Watch the video below as Tom breaks down how our autonomous platforms can help elevate your autonomous mobile robotics device.  Whether indoor or outdoor, a robotic device can navigate with the best of them. At Inertial Sense, we focus on the outdoor because […]

Visual Slam vs. Visual Odometry – How Does Visual Odometry Work?

What is visual odometry and how does visual odometry work? Funny enough, it uses more than just vision! Watch the video below as Chase tells us how visual odometry works and how it relates to visual slam.  Visual odometry uses a camera feed to dictate how your autonomous vehicle or device moves through space. […]

What Is Monocular SLAM?

What is monocular SLAM? If you guessed it has something to do with ‘one’ then you’re already halfway there. But why might ‘mono’ be better than ‘stereo’ or other modes of SLAM? Watch the video below as Chase breaks down what it is and highlights the benefits of monocular SLAM in more detail.  At […]

Flavors of SLAM: vSLAM vs. LIDAR

There are different flavors of SLAM, and knowing which one is right for you matters. Watch the video below as Chase breaks down vSLAM vs LIDAR, some advantages, and disadvantages.   LIDAR is a light sensor. It uses lasers that shoots in different directions gathering information about objects around it. This technology can be found […]

Hardware Overview of Our EVK An All-in-One Autonomous Robotic Navigation Module

We now have more than just our eyes. Visual components of the LUNA platform are here. Watch the video below as Chase gives us a review of what our EVK autonomous robotic navigation module can offer for visual SLAM aka vSLAM.  The platform offers a few options to help navigate and pinpoint location using a […]

Can Visual SLAM Be Used Without GPS?

Visual SLAM with GPS, to SLAM/GPS or not to SLAM/GPS, that is the question…right? Watch the video below as Chase breaks down the difference between vSLAM and GPS.  vSLAM, or visual SLAM, allows a device to pinpoint location, based on current location and takes into consideration your previous locations. This technology was created not […]

The Role of Machine Learning and Autonomous Robotics

Artificial intelligence and machine learning, no not aliens, are the gateway to your autonomous vehicle or robot operating in a capacity to think for itself. Watch the video below as Tom gives his expert opinion on how these areas interact in the autonomous robotics space.  Every mission autonomously ran gathers data that is used […]

Managing an Autonomous Fleet in Real-Time

You probably want your autonomous fleet to be self-sufficient, right? The beautiful thing is, at Inertial Sense, that is one of our main focuses. We want your device to be as autonomous as possible. Watch the video below for more about what our platforms and applications offer for your autonomous robotics fleet.  Three thoughts […]

What is vSLAM Used For?

vSLAM, contrary to belief, does not stand for slamming down Virgin Mary’s. Well, what is it and what is it used for? Watch the video below as Chase explains what vSLAM is, and how it’s used with GPS to improve your robotic vehicle’s navigation.  vSLAM stands for visual simultaneous localization and mapping (that’s a […]

What It Means To Be a Full-Stack Solution in Autonomous Robotics

Inertial Sense has a hand in all sorts of robotics. The pride of the company comes from the advancements of technology and the growth it continues to show. Watch the video below of our focus when it comes to what a full-stack solution in autonomous robotics is.  Although we have touched all areas of […]