The IG-2™ is a surface mount module with the GPX-1™ module (dual receiver multi-frequency (L1/L5) GNSS) and the IMX-5™ module (tactical grade IMU Inertial Navigation System).  A micro USB connector and I/O connector allow for quick evaluation without soldering.  The Tactical Grade IG-2-IMX-5-Dual is our highest precision Inertial Navigation Solution.

This module is designed for both convenient evaluation and cost-effective circuit board level integration.  By leveraging the IMX-5 you get the Tactical Grade Inertial performance powered by TWO of the most powerful GNSS receivers on the market.  Built for board level integration, this sensor is ready to be integrated. This IMX-5 provides sensor fusion for roll, pitch, magnetic heading, velocity, RTK precision position and Dual GNSS Compass Heading.

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For volume pricing purchases & additional discounts, Contact Us