Upgrade Your Device with Release 1.8.1

GNSS RTK L2 Capabilities

Get your vehicle up and tracking in seconds rather than minutes. GNSS RTK units upgraded to L2 Capabilities = 10x faster fix.

New Data Analysis LogInspector

Debug and troubleshoot your device performance with this python-driven data visualization tool: LogInspector.

Data Output Rate Increase

Got a fast-moving application? Our max INS data output rate has doubled to 1KHz

Download the latest update here.


Release Update Specifics


uINS Updates

Upgrading to L2 capabilities (This is big)

  • Faster RTK Precision Positioning Times. “How much faster”, you say? 9x faster fix!
  • This particularly helps the Drone Industry as they are able to take off quickly, without waiting for RTK Fix.

External GPS Receiver Support

  • Including u-blox ZED-F9P and any GNSS that outputs standard NMEA 3 messages.

General Support for uINS-3.2 Hardware

  • Backward compatible – supports new and older hardware

CAN interface support on the uINS-3.2 hardware.

Max INS output data rate increased from 500Hz to 1KHz

  • Fast-moving systems really benefit – higher data rate to Navigation filter


Dual GNSS Updates

Stationary Mode Added

  • Targeting applications point more accurately.
  • Works despite interference from magnetically intense environments (motors, ferres objects, EMI)

RTK heading accuracy figure added to DID_GPS1_RTK_CMP_REL message.


EVB-2 Updates

Timer added to ensure continuous operation.

Ability to Configure EVB-2 External Serial Port Baud Rates

  • Better compatibility. Incorporate this better into your custom application. Ditch the buffers or extra protocols.
  • Cut down on overhead for parts, and time.
  • Basic Emergency system setting that will ensure continuous operation.


LogInspector Updates

Data Plotting Tool for Analyzing Inertial Sense Binary PPD Files

    • Now you can get your data visualized simply with python.
      • Debug your device’s movement, plot path data.
    • Answer all sorts of questions
      • Now that you have your sensor, what does your system data mean?
      • What is your drone doing while in flight?
      • Where did the system fail?
      • What is going well?


EvalTool Updates

  • Linux Deb Installer now available – everything you loved in Windows now available in Linux.