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Ready to learn more about which precision sensors and features you need for your robotics build?  In our Sensor video series, we discuss specific ways that you can get more out of your precision sensors, and enhance your robotics and get to market fast. Dive into our Sensor Videos series and get answers to common sensor questions including which sensor factors you need or your navigation system and whether you should start with a sensor kit or a module. 

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Should I Get an Inertial Sensor Development Kit or a Module?

Should I Get an Inertial Sensor Development Kit or a Module?

We get this question all the time, “Should I get an inertial sensor development kit or a module?” Oftentimes, our customers either need something with proper documentation and plenty of adapters to go to different communication protocols OR they have extra experience designing circuits and need something out of the box, at scale. Watch the video below as Morgan Rudolph gives some practical tips you need to know when purchasing the right sensor or dev kit for your robotics build.

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