Robotic Lawn Mowing

Partnering with top mower manufacturers to simplify lawn care

We are working with robotic lawn mowing manufacturers to rapidly bring to market the next generation of fully autonomous mowers. Solutions leveraging our framework can support easily programming yard boundaries, intelligently planning energy efficient paths, and tracking position and status of the vehicle via the cloud.


No more wire

Our robust “anywhere” localization and map management enable easy definition of virtual boundaries to contain the lawn mower’s pattern.

Inertial Sense Route Map

Efficient Mowing Path

High precision perception and a smooth, accurate path control layer enable mowers to follow efficient and configurable mowing patterns.

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Easy Autonomy

 A flexible, configurable autonomy dtack support easily and quickly embeding autonomy into any type of lawn mower.

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Our framework in action

The robot mower segment is well established in EMEA [Europe, the Middle East, and Africa] and has tremendous room for growth in other markets, including North America.”
CEO iRobot

In 5 years, robotic lawn mowers will make up 10% of the $38B lawn service market

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