We now have more than just our eyes. Visual components of the LUNA platform are here. Watch the video below as Chase gives us a review of what our EVK autonomous robotic navigation module can offer for visual SLAM aka vSLAM.

The platform offers a few options to help navigate and pinpoint location using a combination of cameras, GPS, antennas, and other components and applications.

Just to name a few things that the LUNA platform houses:

  • A front camera, which is used for vSLAM, object detection, and anything we see
  • A GPS antenna for better GPS positioning when a good GPS signal is available
  • A grounding plate to elevate the GPS signal
  • Wifi and Bluetooth antennas for local network connection and mobile devices
  • USB and HDMI for computer connectivity within the network

With the LUNA platform, we have done the work for you to have better access to vSLAM. The idea is to be able to attach it to whatever autonomous robot or device and go.

We are excited at Inertial Sense to help elevate your autonomous robot. If you want to learn more about visual SLAM or anything else, click here, and someone will contact you!


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Video Transcript

Visual’s few components of the LUNA platform are here. 

On the front is the camera, and that’s used for vSLAM, object detection, anything we need to see. 

On top, this is the GPS antenna to give us a good GPS position when we have good GPS. 

This metal part is the grounding plate to get a better signal for GPS. 

On the back, we have these two guys that are Wifi and Bluetooth antennas so that we can connect to the local networks and to mobile devices. 

We have other data connections such as USB on the back and HDMI, in case you need to get in and see what’s happening on the bot. You can also connect remotely from any computer on the network.

There is a lot of capability in one little box for any robotic application. The value of the LUNA platform is we’ve done all that work for you for vSLAM. It’s something that you can just put on your mower and it will work.

If you want to learn more about visual SLAM or how our autonomous robotic navigation module works, please just click the link below and we’ll get in touch with you.