Where are we focused today? On you, the customer! Watch the video below as Tom gives examples of how Inertial Sense has tapped into autonomous navigation for groundskeeping markets and commercial mowers.

The manufacturers of large-scale commercial mowers are looking to deliver the highest value to their customers. These kinds of autonomous vehicles navigate everything from golf courses to big residential construction developments.

Manufacturers always have their ROI in mind. Where we come in is to offer the most cost-effective solution to their business and their customer. This allows the manufacturer to focus on the bottom dollar while the groundskeeping company can focus on capital efficiency.

With autonomous navigation combined with your commercial vehicle, the customer can see an immediate benefit.

If you make commercial mowers or if you’re a commercial groundskeeper, come talk to us about autonomous navigation for groundskeeping markets. We’ve got a great solution for you. Inertial Sense wants to talk to you about your visions, and tell you more about our LUNA platform.


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Video Transcript

Where are we focused today? The one place where we’re really putting most of our effort right now is commercial groundskeeping and commercial agriculture. If you just look at commercial groundskeeping, there are really two customers. 

There’s the manufacturer of the large-scale commercial mower who wants to make that robot autonomous to deliver the highest value to their customer. Their customer is the big commercial groundskeeper who has these giant contracts to maintain, golf courses, corporate development, groundskeeping, big residential construction, things like that where they’ve got enormous areas of groundskeeping to take care of and they’re driven by cost efficiency and driving down labor costs.

Between the two of them, they’ve already got sort of an ROI calculation going on in their head as far as what autonomy can bring them. They’re just looking for the right solution. The manufacturer is looking for speed to market. The groundskeeping company is looking for capital efficiency.

With that solution, either one of those customers is going to get immediate benefits out of having autonomous navigation built into whatever solution they’re deploying in the field.

If you’re a maker of commercial mowers, come talk to us. We’ve got a great solution for you. You can click on the link below. Also, if you’re a commercial groundskeeper and you’re looking for what’s going to happen to your business in the future and how to make that as efficient and cost-effective as possible, click on the link below and give us a call. We’ll be happy to chat with you about our LUNA platform.