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Get ready to master the ins and outs of the IMU universe with our IMU Video series. Watch along as Walt, Carson, and more Inertial Sense team members explain the different types of IMU sensors, the top features you need to enhance your build as well as application and industry-specific examples.  Enhance your robotics build and get to market faster with our IMU video series.

Watch the latest installment in our IMU sensor video series.

IMU Sensors 101 - Pros & Cons of Sensor Types

IMU Sensors 101 – Pros & Cons of Sensor Types

One of the most common questions we get at Inertial Sense throughout the industry is what am I looking for and what’s the difference between IMU sensors and their options, including AHRS, Kalman filters, and so on.  Watch this video below as Carson talks you through each individual module and the difference between them and some of the features that they include.   IMU Sensors: What is an IMU? IMU, which stands for inertial measurement unit, is the core of

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