Despite the financial market and supply chain disruptions, the need for Tactical Grade IMU’s and Inertial Sensors has never been higher. Almost everything being manufactured today has a motion component and needs to be tracked, driven, or analyzed.  So the question is, who can deliver the highest performance at the lowest cost?  Watch the video below to learn about the new IMX-5 tactical-grade IMU technology from Inertial Sense.



Inertial Sense is introducing to the world the IMX-5, a revolutionary in its own right. We’ve found a way to deliver our customers that high-performing accuracy they expect while offering at a cost they can afford. Our tactical grade IMU matches your higher specifications without the higher costs.

At Inertial Sense, we’re not just a company, we’re a family. We want our customers to have a full understanding of what they’re buying, and well beyond. Click here to contact one of our knowledgeable experts, send us an email at, or call us at 801-477-4689. Let’s get developing!


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:25 Tactical Grade IMU
0:52 Customer Feedback
1:10 Our Tactical Grade IMU System
1:37 Applications


Are you in the market for a low-cost tactical-grade inertial measurement unit? Have you researched some of our competitors like VectorNav, Inertial Labs, Xsens, or Spartan, and found that their pricing is out of your range? Do you have a project in mind that requires higher specifications, but cannot afford a higher cost? 


0:25 IMX-5: Tactical Grade IMU

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to learn more about our tactical grade IMU system. Introducing the all-new, low-cost, tactical grade, IMX-5 by Inertial Sense. The IMX-5 has five to six times the accuracy to prior versions of our sensor, and in addition to the improved specifications of the IMX-5, we’ve been able to achieve an all-time low price point. 


0:52 Customer Feedback

Don’t take my word for it. Check out the feedback that we just received from one of our clients. “The comparable devices from VectorNav or Inertial Labs or Spartan or Xsens are more than double the price for about the same performance. What am I missing? How is this possible?” 


1:10 IMX-5: Our Tactical Grade IMU System

The IMX-5 is a 10-degree of freedom sensor module consisting of a tactical-grade IMU. It will output all the raw data from the calibrated IMU, including that of the gyro, the accelerometer, the magnetometer, and the barometer, and in addition to that, it will output the roll, pitch, and heading as any standard attitude heading reference system.


1:37 Applications & Use Cases

The IMX-5 by Inertial Sense is an adequate solution for any application inside Defense and Aerospace autonomy, indoor navigation, GPS navigation, anything that requires motion measurement. The use cases for our IMX-5 are endless. 

If you’re ready for tactical performance at a lower cost than ever seen before, send me an email at or call me at 801-477-4689. Let’s get developing.