Provo, Utah January 31, 2019 – Inertial Sense, creators of compact high-performance precision Inertial-GPS Navigation Systems, today announced the release of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) support for their Inertial Sensors.  Their augmented inertial navigation solution is now available with an accuracy of 2-3 centimeters. That in combination with the on-board fusion of inertial sensors provides a robust and accurate positioning solution at a dramatically lower price point than competitive INS+RTK Sensor offerings.



Inertial Sense designs and manufactures precision INS+RTK GPS sensors that deliver fast, accurate, and reliable altitude, velocity, and position for a wide range of autonomous applications. Inertial Sense’s new micro INS with RTK provides the highest degree of precision for orientation and position in the smallest package ever offered.  Standard INS/GPS sensors offer accuracy in the range of 1.5-2 meters. Inertial Sense’s micro INS with RTK offers accuracy of 2-3 centimeters.

“The incredibly small size of our new micro INS sensor with RTK, in combination with its extremely affordable price point, will make this type of highly sophisticated technology accessible for general consumer applications for the very first time,” said Walt Johnson, Founder and CTO, Inertial Sense. “We are offering RTK at a size, accuracy and price point that the market has never seen before.”

By optimizing the manufacturing processes for high volume applications, the micro INS with RTK sensor is literally as small and lightweight as a dime, and is available at a price point more than 10x lower than competing solutions.  This sensor will enable the navigation of all types of autonomous vehicles with a very high degree of precision. In the image below you can see the track of a vehicle traveling under an overpass. The 3 cm accurate RTK-Inertial Navigation track (YELLOW) holds true to the vehicle’s position while the standard GPS signal(RED)  is lost.

Inertial Sense patented modules are currently being sold worldwide at volume in a broad variety of applications including:

  • Autonomous Navigation: Drones, Ground Robotics, Precision Ag, Automobiles
  • Aerial Surveys: UAV Payloads for 3D Mapping, Photogrammetry, Orthomosaics
  • Gimbal Stabilization and Antenna Pointing
  • 3D motion capture and Personnel Tracking

Inertial Sense has bundled Evaluation Kits that are simple to use and contain everything needed to get your development project logging RTK accurate data. The evaluation boards can be utilized in both Rover and Base Station configurations and include 900mhz radios with onboard logging capabilities.  The Evaluation Kits are available for purchase on the Inertial Sense Website.

About Inertial Sense, INC.
Headquartered in the #SiliconSlopes of Utah, Inertial Sense specializes in the development and distribution of the world’s smallest precision Inertial Navigation Systems+RTK, Attitude Heading Reference Systems, and Inertial Measurement Units. As an autonomous solutions provider they are helping self-driving cars, robots and drones navigate in an autonomous world. Lead by a team of experts in UAV/Robotics, control theory, embedded systems, and electronic design, Inertial Sense is a leading pioneer in Miniature Precision Inertial Navigation Technology. For more information, visit



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