Bringing three decades of entrepreneurial experience at seven startups, Bennett to accelerate business growth and partner development.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — December 6, 2019 — Inertial Sense, developers of autonomous robotic navigation systems, today announced that industry veteran and serial entrepreneur, Tom Bennett, has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer.

Founded in 2013, Inertial Sense’s mission is to make precision and autonomous movement so easy that it can be included in almost any type of device, with an initial focus on small workhorse devices such as robotic mowers, last-mile delivery vehicles, precision agriculture, and consumer equipment.

Bennett brings three decades of entrepreneurial experience in seven startups (5 acquired and 1 IPO), is a previous two-time CEO, and has served as a board director for multiple technology companies (including Cylance, recently sold to Blackberry for $1.5B). He has also been a venture capital partner, focusing on incubating startups in the “Industrial Internet of Things” space, in addition to advising late stage private and public companies on corporate venture innovation and future-proofing strategies.

“Tom had already been a strategic advisor to DataTribe and our portfolio for a number of years, and is one of the best growth and market-defining CEOs we’ve ever met,” said board director John Funge of DataTribe, Inertial Sense’s lead investor. “As we take on the huge autonomous navigation opportunity for Inertial Sense, we’re thrilled to have his depth of experience and leadership.”

Inertial Sense expanded rapidly in 2019, growing its core sensor business by 50 percent and reaching over 175 global customers in 28 countries. The company also leveraged its expertise in sensor fusion and autopilot control systems to recently launch the Luna Platform, an easy-to-integrate configurable autonomy stack to enable manufacturers to bring autonomous moving devices to market faster.

“Autonomous mobility will have a massive impact on business and the economy, and every manufacturer we talk to is already planning for the impact of autonomous navigation,” said Bennett. “I look forward to working with the team to accelerate our core sensor business, as well as making Inertial Sense the go-to enabling partner for large organizations seeking to future-proof their products quickly and efficiently.”

About Inertial Sense

Headquartered in the #SiliconSlopes of Utah, Inertial Sense develops autonomous navigation solutions for a world in motion, with over 175 global customers in 28 countries. For more information, visit