Want to find out why Inertial Sense is your full stack solution? What makes a full-stack solution so hard in the first place?

Many have tried to create or replicate what we at Inertial Sense have spent years investing in. The amount of resources, money invested, man-hours, and time invested should not be taken lightly. Watch the video below of what goes into developing an effective solution and learn why Inertial Sense is your full stack solution. 

A larger company may believe because they have disposable investment money, that they can achieve a full-stack solution. And they may! But it takes time, meaning years, to develop a system that works efficiently and effectively. Having the right resources along with domain expertise can make all the difference in the world.

The bottom line is this: how fast can you get to market. Getting to market even just six months ahead of your competitor can be a tremendous advantage. You want to make sure you have the best use of external resources.

At Inertial Sense, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on full-stack solutions or any inertial sensor question, and how your company could benefit from it. Call us today!


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Video Transcript

So one question we get, why aren’t customers doing this for themselves? Well, there’s a…the reality is a lot of them have tried. Especially bigger companies. They may not have any experience in software. They may not have any experience in navigation. So this is new ground for them.

And it’s often difficult for, especially for a larger company, to attract the sort of ninja talent that’s needed to solve these problems. So part of it is a resource issue. Part of it is a domain expertise issue.

But if you think about just all the man-hours that it takes to get to a solution that works the way ours does, we’ve been looking at this problem for almost seven years. And to get up to speed on that would take an enormous amount of time for them. And in some cases, again they’ve tried it and it didn’t work.

Again, it’s all about getting to market quickly. And in these types of environments, especially where hundreds of millions of dollars are involved, getting to market six months ahead of your competitor can be a tremendous first-mover advantage. So everyone is looking for that speed to market, efficiency, and best use of external resources and force multipliers to get the job done.