Inertial Sense, creators of compact high-performance precision Inertial-GNSS Navigation Systems, are announcing the general availability of a line of dual GNSS Heading sensors to their navigation platform.

This heading solution, based on dual GNSS on-board receivers, provides a .3 deg heading accuracy using a 1-meter antenna distance baseline.  

The Challenge: Accurate Heading in Tough Environments

The Dual GNSS-INS Compass resolves accurate True North heading in two challenging conditions.  

  • Stationary Applications
  • Environments with Magnetometer Interference

Historically, engineers have had to rely on magnetometers or the dynamic motion of the vehicle to derive heading. Accurate GNSS derived heading from two antennas in combination with the on-board fusion of inertial sensors provides a robust and accurate compassing solution at a dramatically lower price point than competitive offerings. 

Inertial Sense’s Dual GNSS Compassing micro-INS joins their line of fast, accurate and reliable INS/AHRS/IMU sensors, providing the highest degree of precision for heading (yaw) in the smallest package ever offered in the market.

Demand for a compassing solution has been high. Our beta-customers are reporting great results. Popular applications for the solution are antenna and radar pointing as well as marine and ground-based vehicle navigation.

“The GNSS compassing feature was key to getting our system to work on steel ships where magnetometers cannot work due to interference. We had great support from Inertial Sense throughout the process of integrating it into our product.” – Jamie Robertson

Inertial Sense brings this product to market in an industry-leading form factor.  Nobody comes close to offering this size of GNSS-INS with dual compassing. The Dual GNSS Compassing micro-INS is literally as small and lightweight as a dime and is available at cost-friendly price points.  The sensor can be purchased as an OEM module, in a rugged package or in a development kit with a full evaluation board.

For your evaluation, Inertial Sense has bundled Development Kits that are simple to use and contain everything needed to get your application up and running.

About Inertial Sense, INC.

Headquartered in the #SiliconSlopes of Utah, Inertial Sense specializes in the development and distribution of the world’s smallest precision Inertial Navigation Systems, Attitude Heading Reference Systems, and Inertial Measurement Units. As an autonomous solutions provider they are helping self-driving cars, robots and drones navigate in an autonomous world. Lead by a team of experts in UAV/Robotics, control theory, embedded systems, and electronic design, Inertial Sense is a leading pioneer in Miniature Precision Inertial Navigation Technology. For more information, visit



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