Manufacturers of workhorse vehicles, do you have an interest in the LUNA autonomous navigation platform at Inertial Sense? Watch this video as Tom and Brett discuss what’s behind the LUNA platform, and what it can do for your autonomous fleet of autonomous vehicles.

Autonomy has many different levels of technology involved. It’s not based solely on software or hardware. It’s a compilation of those products and more.

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Video Transcript

And what’s kind of been the reception overall from the legacy manufacturers of workhorse vehicles that you’ve shadowed with? Have they been excited about the product line that we have? 

You know, let’s walk through the journey that these companies go through. So, I’m a big fortune 500 company and I’m trying to get an autonomous solution. Well, I didn’t really have a software part of my company before, so now I have to go either build a software part of my company or outsource it to somebody, and previously, it had just been sort of general-purpose coding houses. So nobody specialized in this type of thing. So they probably went out and tried that, that didn’t work. They tried hiring people, that didn’t work.

So generally when they come to us, they have a really well-formed idea in their mind of what they need and they’ve probably got a spec that’s really well thought out, but it’s the execution on it. That’s the difficult thing to do. And remember, this new autonomous technology is competing with every other part of their legacy business, their manufacturing, parts, distribution. All these other things that are generating revenue today. 

So there are often political fights that they have to go through to get funding for these efforts, whereas it’s much easier to say, well we’re working with this partner to get it done. And, yeah, it’s a different kind of cost for them, but in general, they’re really excited about three things. 

One of them is the completeness of our solution. We have both the foundational driving part of it, which is making the robot go where it needs to and complete a mission. We’ve also got a front-end app to configure it and tell it what the mission is. And we have a back-end app that helps them do asset monitoring and tracking. 

So how much of it they’ll use is sort of up to the customer. But the fact that we’ve thought through the process from the configuration all the way through to the asset management and everything in-between is what they really get excited about.