Finding the right tactical-grade IMU development kit can be challenging. At Inertial Sense, we manufacture and provide tactical-grade kits designed to streamline the process of integrating IMU capabilities into your products and projects. We can help you navigate the requirements of your project and ensure that your products perform properly in real-world scenarios.


What’s in the Tactical-grade IMU Development Kit?

Because each component in the Inertial Sense tactical-grade IMU development kit has been hand-selected by professionals in the navigation industry, you can be sure that everything you need to get started is available in these advanced tactical-grade kits. Our kits include all of the following components:

  • A rugged IMX-5 sensor that has been configured to fit USB interfaces
  • Necessary cables to connect the sensors to other elements of your product
  • GPS antennas to provide navigational support for products that require it
  • Firmware and software needed for full implementation of your IMU into your project, including a software development kit, our custom datalogger EvalTool, and other software tools needed for successful implementation and integration
  • Several hours of complimentary support from our in-house Inertial Sense engineering team

At Inertial Sense, our IMU development kits are designed with your needs and your project budget in mind. Our tactical-grade kits include everything you need to get up and running with reliable navigation for your product lines.


Why Do You Need a Tactical-Grade IMU Development Kit?

The tactical-grade kits available from Inertial Sense include all the components necessary to evaluate and integrate the IMX-5 sensor into your projects. Our kits are designed to be cost-effective and simple to use, which can make your evaluation of our sensor much more convenient for you and your engineering team. We make it easy to upgrade your products with advanced navigation functionality and cutting-edge IMU options that can enhance performance for your customers.


Get in Touch With Inertial Sense

You can purchase these tactical-grade kits online by visiting our website and choosing the right IMU for you. Alternatively, you can contact the sales team at Inertial Sense by email at or by phone at 1-801-477-4689. Our team will be happy to find the perfect tactical-grade kits and IMU sensors to suit your needs and your budget. Contact Inertial Sense today to discuss your needs and schedule a consultation with us. We think you’ll be glad you did.


Video Transcript

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0:28 Development Kit Components
1:03 Our Mission


If you’re in product engineering and development, it can be a challenge to choose the right parts to get you started. So the question remains: where is the best place to actually start?

Inertial Sense is a manufacturer of tactical-grade inertial systems, and one of the steps we have taken to simplify the engineering process is to offer a development kit. 

0:28 Development Kit Components

The components of the development kit were hand-selected by professionals in the navigation industry. The components inside of a development kit include a rugged IMX-5 sensor configured to a USB interface, various cables you need to interface with the device, and GPS antennas if applicable to your sensor selection. All of the software offerings, including an SDK, eval tool, CL tool, and log inspector will be provided, as well as several hours of engineering support time. 

1:03 Our Mission

The purpose of a development kit is to supply you with all of the components you will need to successfully evaluate our sensor and its performance in a time-sensitive manner. Although it is possible to evaluate our sensor using an OEM or rugged unit, we advise against it because you will find simplicity in using a development kit.

Our kits can be purchased online, or I’m happy to get on a call to advise you on which part would best fit your application. Go ahead, send me an email at, and let’s get developing.


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