What is monocular SLAM? If you guessed it has something to do with ‘one’ then you’re already halfway there. But why might ‘mono’ be better than ‘stereo’ or other modes of SLAM? Watch the video below as Chase breaks down what it is and highlights the benefits of monocular SLAM in more detail.

At Inertial Sense, we currently use monocular SLAM. The word ‘mono’ means single, or just one. This means your device is using only one camera.

In tandem with SLAM, you could also use a stereo camera. This camera allows for more depth information, like what our very own eyes do, giving us depth perception.

The benefits of monocular SLAM is as simple as…well, simplicity. There is a single camera lens doing the work for you. You have one camera, one data stream. Most devices operate with a single camera.

If using a stereo camera, set it as far apart as possible. This will give the camera and you better depth perception.

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Video Transcript

Monocular SLAM is what we’re currently using. Where there is mono, just one camera.

Other options that you can have with SLAM could be a stereo camera that gives you the added information of depth, which is very similar to what our eyes do to give us depth perception.

The benefit of monocular SLAM is just simplicity. All you have is just one single camera lens, which is what most devices have these days.

With stereo cameras, the wider they are a part, the better depth information you get. If you have a small device, a cheaper device, it’s just simpler to have monocular SLAM.

A big benefit of monocular SLAM is simplicity. You have one camera, one data stream. With that single camera, there are less expenses, there’s less computing. We’ve found that it still gives us a good way to get the key features to do visual SLAM.

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