Inertial Sense has a hand in all sorts of robotics. The pride of the company comes from the advancements of technology and the growth it continues to show. Watch the video below of our focus when it comes to what a full-stack solution in autonomous robotics is.

Although we have touched all areas of robotics, we are very focused on autonomous mobile robotics. There are two types of autonomous mobile robotics: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor refers to robotics that operates within a specific area or capacity. An example would be the robots you see running around with the flashing lights at a warehouse, and they’re picking out orders, sorting, and performing other functions.

Outdoor refers to robotics that has a little more free reign of area. These are your drones, self-driving vehicles. There are many factors that play a part in the operation of your outdoor robot, including weather, terrain, and location. At Inertial Sense, we’re good at navigating those outdoor elements.

If you want to learn more about indoor vs. outdoor autonomy, or even have questions, visit our website and give us a call. One of our knowledgeable experts will be happy to assist you!


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Video Transcript

So, where do we sit as a company? Like I said, there are all kinds of robotics, but where we are squarely focused on is this space called autonomous mobile robotics. And there are two types: indoor and outdoor.

Indoor is what you see with the Amazon warehouse, and the robots running around with the flashing lights, and they’re picking out stuff. That’s one type of solution. 

We are taking on the outdoor analog to that. It’s a much more difficult problem to solve. You generally can’t navigate using physical infrastructure, the weather changes. There are all sorts of heterogeneous terrain you have to deal with. That’s what we’re really good at.

So we’re focusing on the outdoor applications in autonomous mobile robotics. So whenever you hear me say autonomy, it means autonomous mobile robotics.