Tesla is a great company for creating autonomous vehicles. But will it work for your autonomous fleet? Watch this video to learn more about what resources legacy robotics manufacturers’ autonomous solutions you may require.

Tesla is a worldwide leader in the automotive industry when it comes to autonomous vehicles. But it may not be cost-effective for them to invest in the autonomous robotics industry being that it is a smaller industry.

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Video Transcript

When people think autonomous navigation, I’m sure they think of Tesla and you were saying you know we’ve got tons of experience here. Could the legacy manufacturers, could they just go to Tesla?

The solution has to be correctly sized for the market. It’s going after and what it takes to drive a car autonomously is far too expensive and too complex for a robotic commercial or industrial vehicle. The missions are a lot simpler. The safety issues aren’t as complex and it tends to be things where it’s super well defined and you’re not dealing with cars passing you and stop lights and things like that. 

It’s more go out and do this static mission with some dynamic elements to it as opposed to a continuously dynamic environment like driving a car. I just don’t think it’s worth their time and we’re going to be way ahead of them in terms of what it takes to get a solution that makes sense and is priced appropriately for what they’re doing.