You might be wondering, “what does Inertial Sense have to offer to investors?” Like with anything you invest your time and money in, we want to make sure you invest wisely. Watch this video as Tom and Brett discuss why investing in Inertial Sense makes dollars and sense.

There are usually three reasons investors look to invest with Inertial Sense. They want something that is lucrative, they already have the knowledge and experience and can utilize the platform, and we offer different levels of technology.

Talk with one of our experts today on why Inertial Sense is the right investment and the right direction for you!


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Video Transcript

“What does Inertial Sense have to offer to investors?” is a common thought our customers have.

So shifting gears a little bit, we’ve been talking a lot about our customer base and the problems that they’re experiencing, and kind of the opportunities there. For the investing, investor side, when looking at Inertial Sense and wanting to add that to their portfolio, what are some of the most common topics that are brought up when considering us as a potential? 

The VCs that are interested in us are have kind of three qualities. One of them is they’re interested in what’s called frontier tech. They’re looking for technology that can literally, I’m not going to use the word disrupt. I hate that word. That can really fundamentally transform legacy industries. So they’ve got that sort of mindset where they’re looking longer term and they’ve got more of a higher risk profile than others.

Second is they’ve got some experience in this space. They have made a previous investment in robotics or artificial intelligence or machine learning or something that moves. So they’ve already got a comfort level established with that.

And the third thing is you know, is it appropriate for the phase of fundraising that we’re doing? At that point you know, if someone does, only does e and d rounds or something like that, you know, they’re not gonna come to us. We’re too early, but for people that do Siri, you know, seed series, and a series rounds, you put all three of those things together, that’s a great investor for us. And those are the type of people that we’re interested in who have expressed interest in us.

Yeah because it seems like there’s that feeling in general that robotics and autonomy will be the future. It’s in every movie and the expectations of people altogether. But the question is, how are we going to do it, how are we going to get there, and our product line just is part of that. 

Oh yeah.