You could go to any company in the world for your autonomous robotic software and firmware. Why do our partners work with us? Watch the video below as Tom and Brett explain what makes our autonomy solutions unique in our partnership with legacy robotics manufacturers.

What makes us unique is we are customer-driven. Without our customer feedback, we would be another generic company with a bunch of parts to offer. But because we focus on our customers’ specific needs, it gives us an opportunity to serve on a different level.

You have the vision, so now let’s make it a reality. Let Inertial Sense bring your autonomy solutions to life. Our software and firmware can take your autonomy to the next level, and we’re always working on new developments. Click here and contact us today!


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Video Transcript

So why do partners (legacy robotics manufacturers) work with us? 

It’s not like they don’t have smart people. The people inside their companies are brilliant and I’m not going to argue with anybody who’s achieved a high-level strategic position within a Fortune 500 company. They’re incredibly accomplished people, but it’s all about speed to market and domain expertise, and that’s really where our value adds. It really comes in.

They’ve got the vision, they know what they have to do. It’s just a matter of how who becomes a force multiplier for us and they’re fantastic about providing us with that kind of feedback and where they want us to take it, and our job is to execute quickly, but incredibly great people to work with. 

So again, we’re really empathetic in terms of what our customers want to do to solve this problem, and it’s the same thing if someone came to us and said go build a commercial robotic mower. We would be like, oh my gosh, we’re gonna have to learn this from scratch. We probably couldn’t get it done. So we understand the challenge that they’re they’re facing. We know they’re super smart people, but we understand what the challenge is to do something that is a little bit beyond what you’re doing today. So that’s where again, that’s where we come in working with super smart partners who’ve got the vision but need the execution. 

So that’s right, and we work with multiple companies, so you probably hear some of the same stories over and over again.

Over and over again, and while there is there can be a little bit of not invented here opposition within the company, that usually, once they see their proof of concept vehicle up and running with our brain on it, that goes away. 

I’m sure their product managers love that.

They do, they do, and I think they totally understand that it was really their brains driving it but it’s really their vision that’s driving it, but we’re the part of that makes it happen.