In part one, we discussed what we have to offer our investors. Watch this video as Brett and Tom dive a little deeper into what Inertial Sense has to offer investors in terms of viable autonomous robotics solutions.

One thing that is a leading topic when talking with our investors is being a brain in transforming a legacy in the industry. There are a lot of politics involved when it comes to investing, so investors will not just drop a pile of money into your company. If they see the benefit and a return on their investment, then it makes the decision easier to nail down.

With other major companies in the autonomous industry, it validates what Inertial Sense has to offer, and how we can propel your business and investment to the next level. Click here to talk with one of our knowledgeable experts on how an investment in a forward-moving company can change your company’s future!


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Video Transcript

Yeah, I think one of the things that really helps us when we talk to investors is in our space doing what we do, which is sort of being that brain that transforms a legacy industry.

There have already been two very large acquisitions in that space, and that helps us because people understand there’s some validation to what we’re doing and the approach that we’re doing. Again, you go back and we do get investors who say, no I’m only interested in somebody that’s building the entire robot.

That just doesn’t make sense to us. It’s a very capital-intensive way to approach the problem. You have to build your own sales, distribution, support, parts, channel. Then they’re sort of leasing a robot that’s autonomous. There might be a business there, but it’s just not terribly interesting, you know. 

What we want to do is do things that are done on a massive scale, and working with these large manufacturers is, we think, absolutely the way to go for that. And it has to be transparent. It has taken a while for the venture capital world to buy into that value proposition and I think it’s because the highway is littered with others who have tried the other approaches and haven’t been able to find a business in there. 

Yeah, it seems like there’s a maturity that the market has or the industry has to go through before you can really allow a good amount of investment to go into it. 


Wasn’t it you were mentioning some of these companies have been bought, recently one of those was John Deere just made an acquisition, and, um, and… 

Toro made an acquisition as well. 



Yes, that’s right. 

And essentially, it’s doing exactly what we do. So it’s great validation and we have interest from their investors as well. The people who want to double down and, you know, continue investing in autonomy. But the real people that are investing in this space are the big manufacturers.

So, I will say this. I am very much in admiration of all three customers that we’re working with right now for having the vision for committing the resources to it and also understanding the best path might be not doing it in-house, and having the courage to sell that upwards to their organization and get buy-off on that.

So there’s a lot of internal politics in a Fortune 500 company to get that kind of thing pushed through.